Are you working hard, but the Executive level position has been offered to your colleague?

Are others taking credit for your work, while you stand by?

Is your point of view neglected during team meetings?


The lion needs no introduction in the jungle.


It is said that when you have great presence, people will feel the remnants and hear the vibration of your voice long after you have left the room.


Your investment for this High-Powered Workshop:

USD 240 / INR 18000 + GST.

Who should attend this workshop?

Any Manager, High Potential / Rising Leader, Aspiring women leaders, and Growing Entrepreneurs would benefit from this program.

Presence is not an innate quality that one is born with. It is a set of behaviours that can be learnt to help you command attention and through your confidence, inspire others. Although most people know this intellectually, they are unsure of where to begin.

For any leader to make their presence felt, he or she needs to amplify their personal brand thereby enhancing their organizational image. Our approach to Executive Presence and Personal Branding is holistic, interconnected, and comprehensive, and is based on the belief that every leader has the potential to develop their executive presence authentically.


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In this workshop, we will discuss the integrated and unique approach to Executive Presence. This constitutes the Foundation, the three pillars of Physical Presence, Psychological presence, and the Accelerators and Multipliers. The Physical presence focuses on strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and breath. And the Psychological presence focuses on humility, authenticity, mindfulness, and synchronicity.

We will also touch upon the multiple possibilities of Archetypes that reside within each one of us, that you would be able to call upon at will, to match your situational needs. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you express yourself. Understanding Archetypes will make you richer, in your ability to move away from a victim mindset to a warrior mindset.

We will end the workshop by analysing some case studies and drawing up some important points that would help you build your presence.

What are your Key Takeaways from the Workshop?

Heightened awareness on how your physique forms the foundation for your presence.

How the psychological aspects of presence are important to sustain and heighten your gravitas.

Greater awareness of your mindset, so you can apply the correct archetype to maximize your ability to handle tough situations.

Building your own unique Voice, Identity and Purpose.

How an environment of positivity, possibility and potential can help you experiment, reflect, and then reframe your presence

Enhance the awareness of your presence in virtual team meetings and conferences.




Venkat is an experienced facilitator and coach and delights in the joy of making others great. His vast experience across Asia in a variety of leadership roles has helped him tailor his engagements across cultures. He is currently leading several engagements in areas of Global Leadership Development, Execution Excellence, Sales Leadership, Women Leadership, Group Coaching and Executive Coaching. Venkat is certified through the Results Coaching methodology and is an ICF accredited coach. He balances his engagements between individual coaching and Group coaching sessions. 

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Sripriyaa is the Founder and COO for Global Coaching Lab and Tripura Multinational. Sripriyaa is an ICF certified coach from Coach Training Alliance, Colorado, USA. She is also a certified UBalancer Coach. To further her understanding on diversity in business, Priya has earned a certification on handling Diversity within Organizations, from University of California, Berkeley. With a strong belief that the “future belongs to the right”, Priya leverages her background in Indian Classical Dance and theatre to help her coachees tap into the power of Archetypes to develop Emotional, Cultural and Creative Intelligences. 

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A Representative List of Our Key Customers

Customer Voices

“Global Coaching Lab conducted a program called ‘Unleash Your Brand’ for a relatively senior audience at KPMG Global Services. The session was well structured and extremely insightful. The Facilitator was immensely thought provoking, impactful and engaging. Participants found tremendous value in the session.” 

Head - L&D, KGS

"Overcoming fears or inhibitions is the key, and this we know in theory. However, we learnt this practically by going through and evoking the different Archetypes in the Global Leadership and Coaching Seminar. I saw an instant transformation in myself - I became more vocal post the session."

Sales Director, Large Enterprises, Hitachi Data Systems