with Prof. Philippe Rosinski, MCC


Prepare your leadership for the next wave of volatilities, uncertainties, complexities and ambiguities

Global Coaching is a broad & inclusive form of coaching that integrates multiple perspectives into leadership and coaching in a systematic fashion. This online course will help you create leadership impact and drive change by learning to:

  1. Navigate complexities with ease from application of multiple perspectives.
  2. Ask the right questions when addressing the uncertain business landscape of the future.
  3. Forge a deeper connection to driving change, which includes body, heart, mind and soul.
  4. Be better informed to navigate across I, WE and US – three levels in understanding self, leading people, and achieving purposeful societal impact.



Experienced Leaders

It will help you understand what you are missing (your blind-spots) and what you are doing well (reiterations). The balance between the two will help you approach your business landscape with fresh perspectives and ideas.

Manager of Managers

You have a number of managers and cross functional teams reporting to you, this program will provide you with a vocabulary to understand differences and leverage them better.

High Performing Managers & Teams

You will be gain some newer lenses to excel and build sustenance in your teams.

Professional Coaches

If you are looking for an approach that gives you multiple perspectives to build situational fluency in coaching conversations, you have the right formula with Global Coaching Masterclass.

The Harvard Business School chose Philippe Rosinski’s ground-breaking book Coaching Across Cultures as its featured book recommendation in the category of business leadership.


6 Interconnected Perspectives

Integrate multiple perspectives into leadership & coaching in a systematic fashion.

The Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) Tool

A tool to help understand the salient cultural characteristics for individuals, teams & organizations.

Powerful Points to Reflect On

Holistic learning that invokes active reflection and action, at the end of every video.



Share your achievement with your network

Upon completing the course, receive a verified course completion certificate.


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In my aquaculture operation, we are stuck in the day to day of what needs to be done. We firefight on a daily basis. I never had the chance to reflect or take a helicopter view and try to rationalize people’s behavior and the weaknesses in the organization. The 3 day Global Leadership and Coaching workshop really enlightened me from that perspective – there is a science behind management.

Eng. Ahmad Alballaa Managing Director, National Aquaculture Group, Saudi Arabia

Global Leadership and Coaching is a transformational workshop which helps you look at a baseline of where you are today in terms of your leadership capabilities. It is an eye opener because unless we experience the nuances of the different perspectives taught here, you won’t be able to build on an improvement plan. The format in which it was delivered was exemplary!

Vinod Ganesan - Managing Director, Cloudera, India

"I think the best decision I took was to come to this Global Leadership & Coaching Workshop. Life is like a race, and you start with On Your Marks, Get Set and then Go. For the longest time I would feel I’m still on Get Set. What I’m taking away from this workshop is that today my GO starts!"

Monisha Dewan - Senior Area Director, Sales & Distribution, South Asia at Marriott International

A provocative, exciting and wise book! Rosinski’s work draws on a well-presented range of material, from psychology to medicine, economics to physics, philosophy to mysticism and beyond—and challenges us to open up to new ways of thinking. He presents well-written business coaching cases and examines how embracing multiple perspectives will enhance our coaching and enable our clients to become more effective.

Prof. Carol Kauffman PhD, Harvard Medical School, Director, Institute of Coaching and Editor in Chief of Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research & Practice


Prof. Philippe Rosinski, MCC

Global Guru #13 in the world's top 30 coaching professionals for 2021, Philippe is a world authority in Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, and Global Leadership Development.
The Harvard Business School chose his groundbreaking book Coaching Across Cultures as its featured book recommendation in the category of business leadership. His innovative approach of bringing the crucial intercultural dimension into the practice of coaching has won him worldwide acclaim.

Are you ready to bridge the gap between your merit and success – Become a Global Leader and Coach.


Global Coaching Master Class – an exclusive online course available to you through a partnership between Global Coaching Lab and Rosinski & Company.